Issue 42 🍵 Turkey week

We chill for Thanksgiving.

Disclaimer: This newsletter is not financial advice. We buy what we like, and you should buy what you like.

Things have been feeling a little sleepier these days, don’t you think?

Who knows, maybe it’s the holidays, maybe it’s the prohibitive ETH transaction fees. Whatever it is, nothing really stood out this week. We don’t have strong opinions on anything either—there’s only so many times we can talk about some company entering the Metaverse.

So, we’re not gonna force it. To the Americans, happy Thanksgiving!

And for everybody else, it’s holiday sale season, so consider getting a hardware wallet.

Grab a Ledger (if you wanna use Solana dapps) or a Trezor (if you wanna interact with Axie Infinity).

Or just grab one of both, for backup! We’ve seen a lot of hacks this year, so if there was any time to invest in cyber-security, it might as well be during Black Friday.

Very thankful to have you here, and have a good week!

Other news

🌱 ConstitutionDAO, the aftermath:

  1. They did not win the auction. Fell short because of auction fees and potential maintenance costs (and y’know, a publicly viewable bid).

  2. The refund process was a bit of a mess.

  3. Interesting initiatives that have been inspired by it:
    DuneDAO - acquired an unpublished Dune manuscript
    Abolition in Progress - a DAO “to support efforts in repatriation, reparations, and public goods.”

🌱 Crowd-bidding platform, PartyBid, now supports purchasing NFTs on OpenSea! The first edition was open to NFTs on Zora and Foundation only.

🌱 Polygon NFT marketplace, DoinGud, is finally opening its doors on November 30! The platform takes 0% fees on sales, BUT at least 5% must be split to a chosen non-profit organization making a change in the world.

🌱 Devin Abbott and Open Palette released “Mint” on Studio 721, a platform for anyone to make their own minting platform FOR FREE! Studio 721’s first feature is for anyone to mint their own ERC-721 contract.

🌱 Physical items, like traditional art, are for sure welcome to the Web3 space, especially with the help of Otis House! The recently announced marketplace and auction platform will collect physical items, mint them as an NFT, and will be doing an auction for the said NFT.

Reading List

Creative Corner

Nino is a 3D and abstract artist from the Philippines whose works features lights, glass, and chromescapes. The way that Nino plays with light in their work never fails to mesmerize.

Check out more of their works on H=N, and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Showtime!

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