Issue 41 🍵 Of parodies and right-click, save as

NFT Twitter and furry Twitter got into a fight.

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This is probably gonna be the weirdest sequence of events we’ve ever had to describe. But it touches on copyright, and that’s always our favorite thing to look at.

Last week, we included a tweet showing crypto integrations in Discord. As Discord is the communication method of choice in crypto communities, it was cool to see.

But then, there was a lot of backlash. There were people telling others to cancel their premium Discord memberships, and this Twitter thread is a good, thoughtful overview of the complaints.

In the end, Discord heeded the pushback and made a firm statement that they weren’t going through with the integration.

Okay, now. On to the weird part.

The basic gist is that the furry community are strongly against NFTs (see: Urban Dictionary’s definition for “furry”). And then, somehow, the crypto/NFT Twitter crossed paths with those folks, and a fight ensued.

It escalated to collector VincentVanDough (VVD) making a parody collage of different people’s profile pics, and then sold it for 20ETH (about $100K).

What interested us came from VVD explaining his motivations:

From the thread:

NFTs are just a receipt they say, but that receipt lets us verify the creator and come to consensus on the original version no matter how many times it’s reproduced or remixed. This ability would be useful to [the right-click savers] now.

Because what ended up happening was that the NFT got taken down from the Foundation marketplace, and then later Opensea and Twitter, due to DMCA takedown notices.

But it’s on the blockchain, and there’s always a quiet beauty in that it’s impossible to wipe something off of the face of the Internet, just like that. VVD’s collage NFT can still be viewed at

Admittedly, it does take some tech familiarity to spin-up an alternative site or decipher Etherscan for provenance, but it’s not like there’s built-in provenance on social media. It’s why “right-click, save as” requires no further explanation—it’s so prevalent, we’ve all probably done it.

Now, of course, we don’t want to fall into the simplistic view that “NFTs fix this.” Yes, some people have stolen other artists’ work to sell it as NFTs. And as transaction costs on the Ethereum network have gone up, it’s becoming increasingly prohibitive to do anything with NFTs on the network.

And we’re not necessarily endorsing VVD’s action either! This probably aggravated the issue instead of resolving it, and aggravating people isn’t what we need to fix this environmental PR problem.

But as far as parodies go, it was a good one. And it also can lead to other questions—should we have an Opensea or some marketplace where nothing can be taken down by DMCAs? Would this act have mattered if it didn’t sell for such a high sum?

It was undeniably the most interesting thing we’ve seen this week, so we are sharing it with you today.

Other news

🌱 Another series of events: the beloved Tezos market Hic et Nunc just suddenly announced that it was discontinued. After some panic, people are now trying to revive it as a DAO, and there are plenty of alternatives for minting and buying NFTs on Tezos. Good tweet summary here.

🌱 The country of Barbados is “preparing to legally declare digital real estate sovereign land with the establishment of a metaverse embassy.” Probably the most interesting headline of the week.

🌱 is live! The NFT aggregator makes it really easy to find the prices across every single marketplace, and has cool features like batch buying the floor of a NFT collection.

🌱 You can now show off NFTs listed on Zora anywhere on the internet by using their new embed feature! This also includes collections that aren’t minted on Zora, like Lost Poets, Villains by Felt Zine, and Monarchs.Art

🌱 Rarible has now released their own iOS app! The app is just for browsing, so if you want to buy one, you still have to go to their website. They also have widgets to display NFTs on your home screen. An Android version is still in the works.

Reading list

Creative corner

Voodoo Salad is a freelance illustrator whose works focuses surreal imagery. Each gives us a fun and trippy-looking character, with colors combinations that makes us not stop staring at them.

Check out more of his works on OpenSea, Objkt, and SuperRare! If you want to be updated on his works, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, or Showtime!

Try this

If you ever wanted to chip in to buy a copy of the original US Constitution, then behold—Constitution DAO.

Here’s a longer summary of Constitution DAO by Packy of Not Boring.

And here’s our bullet points:

  • The what: Sotheby’s, the auction house, will be putting a copy of the Constitution up for sale. The DAO would like to purchase it.

  • The numbers: aiming to raise $20M, before November 18, 2021 6:30PM ET

  • The how: if you want to participate some $ETH, you can watch the video at the bottom of the website

If things don’t fall through, refunds will be issued (we think, please check if that concerns you).

Honestly, the US Constitution holds no relevance to us, as internationals 😅 But it is remarkable watching people coordinate to buy an esteemed American artifact, in the ethos of “for the people, by the people.”

If you do want to participate in the crowdfund, you can do so at Juicebox. And if you like, there’s plenty to learn and observe from being in their Discord.

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🍵 See you again next Wednesday! - Elle and Gian