Issue 33 🍵 Opensea confirms insider trading

And a quick tangent about future consequences.

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Last issue, we mentioned that there was an accusation of insider trading thrown at the Head of Product, Nate Chastain, at Opensea. Unfortunately, the claim was proven to be true.

They released an ambiguous post not soon after talking about conduct, and it was observed that the employee had updated his Twitter status had left Opensea.

It’s been a week since this happened, so we’ll keep it brief. The only angle we want to lay out is that this was only so egregious because the act got caught, right?

The initial accusations managed to provide blockchain proof of trading activity, with proceeds going to a wallet with Nate’s own CryptoPunk.

The thing is, this operation could have continued if the wallets had been kept separate. It’s not hard to have a public wallet with the CryptoPunk and a separate wallet that does the trading, and just never cross transactions with either wallets.

And it’s “harmless” now. But eventually, as a big believer in NFTs, one belief is that it is inevitable that all of this bleeds into every other industry. And when we reach that point, how do employers even prevent this sort of behavior from happening again? An honor code wouldn’t be enough.

And sorry, Dan Finzer, CEO of Opensea, but we gotta disagree that NFTs aren’t financial assets. At this point, they already kinda are.

NFTs are financialized assets, and it’s not long before the stakes get higher from here. Once we can tokenize anything, we can sell anything, and laws aren’t going to progress quick enough to encapsulate all of that potential behavior.

Other news

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Creative corner

We’ve featured various kinds of graphic artists, but there are other forms of media that we haven’t given the spotlight to. This week, we’re featuring Joey Pecoraro who is a producer from Michigan. Aside from making his latest album, “Old Time Radio”, be available in your usual formats, he also made it into an NFT on Catalog! If you’re looking for music to chill out with, look no further.

Catalog uses the Zora protocol, so you can also see his profile and works there. You can also buy his album on his website! If you like what you’re hearing, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Audius, or the other major streaming services.

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Download the OpenSea app!

The NFT marketplace has recently released their mobile app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For now, you can only browse for NFTs and favorite them. No marketplace features are available at the moment.

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