Issue 31 🍵 What's happening? (Other than Loot)

Loot all the way down.

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Other news

🌱 If you haven’t been on Twitter, then it’s our duty to inform you that everyone is crazy bout Loot. Basically, the NFT launch was a text list of bags of Dungeons and Dragons-esque gear. In the absence of any described utility, people are excitedly banding together to fill in the blanks and create something with them.

🌱 0xProject recently released Trader, a tool for you to trade NFTs wallet to wallet. Currently, you can only sell NFTs, and not really trade. The project doesn’t have any platform fees, and will also allow trading tokens soon.

🌱 You can now decorate your iPhone’s home screen with your NFTs through Zerion’s new widget! But alas, this is only for iOS. The Android gang has to wait, sadly.

🌱 The Gamebyte team released a series of 10,000 captcha-looking NFTs where people must enter what’s on the Captcha to be able to mint it. The drop is a pretty unique response to bot participation in other drops.

Reading list

Creative corner

Di-Andre Caprice Davis is an award-winning Jamaican experimental artist with works exploring form in new media. Reminiscent paint mixing together or waves made by the sea. Just pulls you in to sit and reflect.

Check out more of Di-Andre’s works on Foundation, H=N, and OpenSea. Also, give her a follow on Twitter!

Try this: FREE NFT minting on Showtime

Last week, we mentioned that Showtime is adding free NFT minting on their platform. This is made possible with the integration of Polygon, a much-cheaper blockchain. Earlier today, about 2,000 creators were given access to the feature for them to test.

Good bye, Instagram, hello Showtime? Why not! With the great content artists put out, people will visit Showtime more, and the artists can make money from the works they put there too. Everybody wins!

If you still haven’t signed up for an early access, you may do so here.

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