Issue 29 🍵 Visa and Budweiser walk into an open sea

Who would have thought they would be buying NFTs?

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Since NFTs have such a visual appeal, I didn’t really blink when celebrities and influencers started coming in. Jay-Z getting a CryptoPunk? NFTs are digital swag, that checks out.

Things felt a little weirder when a company like Coca-Cola started selling NFTs, but they’re a consumer brand with a strong visual identity. Selling NFTs made some sense.

But Visa, the age-old financial payments system company, getting a CryptoPunk? A company actually buying an NFT? That was unexpected.

The Punk is even their Twitter profile picture right now.

And Budweiser, the beer company, followed closely. They changed their Twitter to portray their completed Budweiser NFT rocket from Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory.

And this is just so surreal. It took years for companies to add Bitcoin or crypto to their balance sheets, but in less than a year, companies are just casually acquiring NFTs.

Museums, media groups, or some Silicon Valley company were my bets to be the first to do this. But no, Visa and Budweiser happened instead.

So if a traditional finance company and a beer company can get the approval to buy NFTs—what’s stopping the rest from hopping into Opensea, right?

Other news

🌱 The Visa news spurred some big CryptoPunk buying activity. And just all across the board, floors have spiked recently, as this Dune dashboard can portray.

🌱 Co-founder of Vine, Dom Hofmann, is making video games into NFTs. Unlike other games where the in-game assets are the NFTs, here, the game itself IS the NFT.

🌱 Check out “Horizon”, a virtual exhibit on Cryptovoxels, showcasing over 60 talented artists from Asia! The show opened last August 20, 2021 (Saturday).

🚨 There’s been an increase in scams and stolen NFTs. What they do is they ask for a secret QR code that gives access to your wallet. Reminder: never share your seed phrase or any details about your Metamask. Any support usually only goes as far as Etherscan!

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Creative corner

Psychedelia + Plants + People = Oelhan. The Paris-based artist creates work that skillfully repeats those motifs.

Check out his works on Foundation and SuperRare, and follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Showtime!

Try this: Vector DAO

If you’ve got design skills, then check out Vector DAO. It’s a collective of designers, but instead of being paid in cash, they only currently take equity or tokens for their work.

It’s also decent for those looking for part-time work, as it’s structured in seasons that will result in a stake of a diversified fund of shares for participants. Check out their announcement post or their website for more.

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