Issue 20 🍵 Into the Gotchiverse

Aavegotchi reveals its land plans, and other NFT news.

Disclaimer: This newsletter is not financial advice. We personally own some Aavegotchis. We buy what we like, and you should buy what you like.

Aavegotchi pitches itself as DeFi-enabled NFTs. Each pixelated ghost is brought to life with an interest-bearing deposit facilitated by lending protocol, Aave.

They launched some functionality in January of this year, but they’re now taking things further with their very own land!

The litepaper is a juicy one, but some key points:

  • The lore of the Aavegotchis is that they were the ghosts of liquidated yield farmers. The litepaper fleshes it out further, setting Aavegotchis in their own Gotchiverse. There’s a whole prophecy about a potential Great Battle involving some Liquidators, though!

  • The REALM parcels are pieces of land that Aavegotchis can farm for resources to earn resources, the Gotchus Alchemica: Fud, Fomo, Alpha, and Kek. The Alchemica can be used to build Installations and Aesthetica.

  • There will 420,069 total REALMs, with 155,069 REALM distributed over 2 years (Phase 1). Eighty percent will be distributed through a bidding system, but 20% will be distributed through a lottery system!

This is all pretty exciting. Honestly, the Aavegotchi game thus far was quite limited—the most you could do was pet the ghosts everyday!

So we were looking forward to a little more in Season 2. And the community was pretty strong, too! There was good engagement with voting, and people were creating their own functional mini-games too.

We didn’t think they’d share their vision for land.

We love the lore—it’s full of crypto references, and personally excited for this Great Battle prophecy and how it ties into the buildings you can create. The graphics look fun, and considering the rate of activity thus far, we can’t wait to see what people build on it!

So, we’re off to pet our ghosts in the hope of some land perks. Make sure to check out the full litepaper, it’s rich with detail.

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Other news

🌱 Axie Infinity hit 1 million Axies! The breeder used blockchain skills to accomplish it, though, instead of manually breeding on the website. There’s a lot of community debate if this is fair, and it’s an interesting question to ask. Code is law on the blockchain, but what’s law in a game (that also has a Terms of Service)?

🌱 The Fewocious x Christie’s auction starts today, lasting until June 30th. Best known for his vibrant work and enthusiastic personality, Fewocious’s amassed such a large following, and we’re gonna be watching.

🌱 The JPG registry is taking submissions for its first curated gallery, themed Deep Time. To be completely frank, we still don’t understand what it is, but the best way to understand is to use it!

🌱 Wanna view the graveyard of burnt NFTs?

Reading list

Creative corner

Generative art and 8-bit are two of the known kinds of art in the space (see Squiggles and Cryptopunks), and p1xelfool puts them both together.

Check out more of p1xelfool’s works on H=N, or follow them on Twitter and Instagram!

Try this: NFT Calendar

Keeping up with all the NFT launches is a lot of work.

NFT Calendar presents it in a very simple site, with all the dates outlined, and even the option to add it to your own calendar!

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