Issue 1 🍵 : Gas just ruins all the fun

Your NFT news for the week.

Welcome to the first issue of Cup of NFT

Is there anything like the feeling of launching something new? 🎉

And speaking of launches, the highly anticipated DeFi-enabled game, Aavegotchi ended up postponing their January 4th launch in favor of launching on the Matic network.

With gas at 500 gwei and the value of ETH shooting over $1000, gas has never been worse. And who wants to pay a $100 in tribute to the ETH miners just to play with their ghostly pet? That would have just taken all the fun out of things. 😢

It was a much-appreciated decision by their community, and mad respect to the Aavegotchi team for pivoting so quickly!

Other News

💰Would you pay $800,000 for an NFT? Because damn, the guys at Polyient Games just did. They bought a kingdom deed in the upcoming fantasy RPG, Mirandus, by Gala Games. There's more details in the link about the collaboration for banks and other game economy things, but yeah, $800,000. Whoa. When $1M sale?

👀New game alert: Illuvium. The game looks like Pokemon with a sci-fi and fantasy touch, and it made a big splash with the news that it's being built by brothers of Kain Warwick, creator of the widely acclaimed derivatives protocol, Synthetix. Definitely some big shoes to fill!

🤫A new crypto art marketplace emerges, but with a twist! Nameless intends to be an anonymous platform, stripping away all the artist brand hype to focus on the art. Brilliant concept, and we're definitely keeping an eye on it!

🌊Opensea launched a new feature that allows creators to mint NFTs, free of charge. The team figured out a way to let the buyer take on that cost, which gives creators an affordable way to experiment and validate their ideas. Innovation!

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